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The 12th China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2017 is looking forward to working closely with worldwide press companies, online & offline medias, magazines, print and newswire reporters, broadcast journalists and photographers as the press and media partners.

Partner Benefits:

As our press and/or media partner, you will have the chance to enjoy:
Increased brand exposure in front of your targeted audiences – your logo will be placed on event materials (such as event official website, brochure, event documentations, and even on the event backdrop, etc.)
Your company introduction (both in English and Chinese) and hyperlinks on the event official website
Press cards passes to the event
Preference to interview key speakers, renowned leading market players and top professionals

To find out more about becoming a press or media partner, or to sign up for press card pass, please get in touch at:
or call +86 21 51615300.

Media Partners

Rough&Polished is a news agency based in Moscow and covering events in the diamond industry and jewelry markets worldwide, also highlighting developments related to other precious gems and precious metals. News and comments on the Rough&Polished website at are published in Russian, English and Chinese. Our policy is to play the role of an interface between Russian-, Chinese-, and English-speaking professionals to give them a possibility to exchange business views and experience. Our readers are offered on-line industry news reported by our correspondents in Russia, Namibia, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, China, India and the United States; exclusive interviews with industry participants; comments and analyses by international experts. These materials are used by diamond companies, government agencies, as well as by a great number of other mass media.

亚洲财经新闻(ABN Newswire)为世界各大上市公司提供新闻资讯及视频发布服务。通过专业的网络数据库和财经新闻发布平台,亚洲财经新闻以十余种语言有效地将信息直接传达给全球各大金融媒体和投资者。历经多年尖端软件的开发,我司已经与各大新闻媒体和社交媒介紧密结合,被彭博(Bloomberg)、汤森路透(Thomson Reuters)、道琼斯(Dow Jones)Factiva等认可为全球首屈一指的财经新闻机构,并与彭博、雅虎财经和汤森路透等建立了坚固稳定的合作关系。

A scientific, technical and methodological journal it addressing a wide range of aspects of underground resource management, including such issues as legal and regulatory frameworks and methodological support, economic strategy and innovation-driven development of the Russian mining industries. The Journal provides detailed coverage of efficient and comprehensive development of mineral deposits, high-level processing and conversion of minerals, development and application of novel geotechnologies and equipment, and industrial safety; discusses the environmental aspects of underground resource management; presents the analytics on mineral reserves and resources, mineral markets, and keeps the readership informed on the important industry events.

LBO, launched in 1998, provides insightful news and analysis on policy, industry and economy.

Bullion Bulletin (BB) is launched with an objective of disseminating market information on Bullion markets. BB intends to focus on issues concerning refining, bullion markets, price behavior & outlook, gold products, policy issues, mining, etc. Within a short span of time Bullion Bulletin has gained momentum & readership across the globe. Apart from the existing synergy with two bullion conferences (India Intl Gold Convention, & India Gold Forum), Bullion Bulletin partners with many global conferences pertaining to bullion, refining, mining, etc. This way, Bullion Bulletin reaches to a wide spectrum of industry through circulation at these very important global conferences & seminars. Foretell Business Solutions Private Limited, established in 1996, is a Bangalore based commodity research and advisory firm. Foretell assists firms in commodity businesses in price risk management, procurement/sourcing and market intelligence. Foretell organizes path breaking conventions to bring together industry participant to seek, share, network and grow business. Foretell organizes three very prominent conferences on Bullion, namely India International Gold Convention (IIGC), India Gold Forum (IGF) and Global Gold Dore Forum (GGDF). For details visit, &

Mining Turkey has been the first and only English mining magazine published in Turkey.The vision of the magazine is promoting Turkish mining industry to international mining companies and foreign-invested companies and their executives who present in Turkey. The magazine consists of articles, reviews, interviews, recent developments about Turkish mining industry as well as company profiles, case studies and high technology products. All articles and reviews are written by eminent people of mining industry or lecturers of prestigious universities. Mining Turkey creates a great opportunity for the companies which desire to collaborate with international mining companies in abroad or Turkey.

OASIS Investment platform is an international dialogue platform. The management company of the Platform bases in Moscow, Russian Federation.
One of the priorities of the Platform is to help companies from different countries, which work in mining, financial, mining equipment, investment and other industries to establish effective cooperation relations.
Platform business scope includes investment, lawyer services, translation, GR \ PR services, business visits and tourism, market development and agent services in Russia.
The mail advantages are:
1) We are focused on the promotion of concrete projects, including small and medium-sized businesses, on the organization of direct contacts between entrepreneurs from different countries.
2) We pay special attention to the enterprises located in the regions.
3) We use a flexible approach to the organization of cooperation between partners, which lays the groundwork for combining the advantages of project participants from different countries.
4) Our website is made in three language versions - Russian, Chinese and English. These versions are synchronized constantly which provides an easiness and effectiveness of a communication between users of the platform.
Welcome to Russia!


Your Industry News is a leading online provider of business news and information related to a broad range of markets within the energy and mining sectors. Your Industry News is made up of 42 targeted news channels, each with its own URL (including and, that receive over one million page views every year. The sites contain millions of pages of press articles and features stored from its conception back in 2007, making it highly searchable and well ranked by search engines.

We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the jewelry, watch and accessories sectors.
Why Associate With us ( for Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Strategy for Businesses of All Sizes: We understand that the online marketing needs of small and growing businesses are different from those of the mature companies. We have unique strategies which are effective in increasing website visits and leads at low costs. Take note we are not a product selling website!
All our services are towards introducing your company to the world, increasing your web site visitors, brand awareness by publishing articles and press releases, brand awareness by targeted visitors, be social media tagged, Easily Advertise your product and meet export opportunities. Find your way to our page and take your place on the page which is reserved especially for you as soon as possible. It is not necessary to have a web site to become a member to our portal. We specially propose membership for those firms that don’t have a web site.

International Mining (IM) is the leading global technical publication for mining industry management. It covers the full spectrum of the world’s extractive industries from exploration through mining and processing to metallurgy and the finished products. The magazine also provides a global overview of which mining company (large or small) is doing what where. IM Events, the conference and exhibition arm of IM, offers a range of specialist mining events around the world.

Mining Journal is the industry's leading source of intelligence for global mining investment, finance, and business. It is an indispensable information source for any mining professional or investor, covering all aspects of the industry from grass-roots exploration, through financing and development, production and marketing, and in-depth reporting on the multi-billion-dollar mining technology and services sector
Access the latest news, exclusive interviews, surveys, opinions from experts and the industry’s best columnists, market trend data, financial information and news of business development opportunities online at or in the fortnightly journal.

The Mongolian Economy is the Mongolian and English language magazine published monthly since 2011. The Mongolian Economy is the first and English languages magazine to cover news stories, articles, features about Mongolian business and economy, foreign direct investment and Mongolian law and tax. Today, the Magazine gained its reputation among Mongolian businesses, policy makers and foreign investors.
Presently, the Mongolian Economy is the go-to business and economic magazine for those looking for up-to-date news and information on the country's economy.

Philippine Resources Journal is the magazine of the Energy business in the Philippines, specializing in the Minerals, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy sectors.
We are the magazine that the key people in mining, petroleum and renewable energy rely upon for news and feature coverage of their business – including new and ongoing projects, exploration and development, company activities and profiles, technology advances, people on the move, conferences and expos, and other important updates.
Philippine Resources thus offers a major marketing and advertising opportunity. Companies doing business in the mining, oil & gas and renewable energy sectors now have a cost-effective way to significantly increase their brand exposure and promote their products and services to the right people – to their clients and potential buyers.


Mining Review Africa is the leading African distributed monthly mining magazine in the industry. Our publication is seen and read by an audience of over 31 000 influential mining authorities and key decision makers across the globe. We go above and beyond for our clients, ensuring maximum exposure at major global mining conferences with a key focus on mining projects in Africa as well as the key industry professionals involved.
Our distribution extends to charter planes that fly mining routes across the continent. We are able to do this through our well established and long-lasting relationships with Anglo American charters, Majestic Air and others.
Contact us to reach Africa’s mining industry or sign up to our daily news and stay ahead of industry breaking news, trends, projects and more.

PORTAL is a quarterly magazine that consolidates Technical Information, Progress Reports, News Developments, Issues and Concerns on the mining industry. It is committed to communicate the good Safety and Health, Environment and Social (S.H.E.S.) practices within the industry to government agencies, local government units, business sector and the public in general. PORTAL Magazine houses regular article contributions from government agencies and mining organizations. Every issue of PORTAL Magazine is being distributed for FREE to the following:
·Mining Companies
·Government and Mining Organizations
·Local Government Units
·Industry Suppliers
·Impact Communities
·and other Stakeholders
·Choice Hotels and Establishments

The cost of energy and carbon is now a material issue in the mining sector. In response to the growing need for mines to find low-cost, low-carbon and reliable sources or energy Energy and Mines produces conferences, reports and news on alternative energy in mining.
Through its global event series (Canada, South Africa, Chile, UK, Australia), web portal, and newsletter, Energy and Mines brings together the mining and alternative energy sectors to drive solutions for affordable, reliable and sustainable power for mines.
Over the last five years, Energy and Mines has built a reputation amongst the mining and renewables sectors as the first point of contact for connection and information on renewables and alternative energy in mining. We have strong links with senior mining leaders, renewable energy developers and key players driving the technology, research and development in this space. is the first 24/7 global resources news service, bringing a fresh, original approach to the global mining sector's unceasing need for information.'sunique on-line media service delivers continuously updated mining news and commentary by experienced mining journalists to readers in more than 100 countries.
Its comprehensive, informed and timely coverage of events, decisions and issues around the world is specifically framed to meet the needs of miners and suppliers, service providers and investors in an increasingly interconnected international sector.
Subscriptions to are AU$275 (including GST in Australia) for 1-10 users. Its high levels of international readership (Australasia 55%, Americas 14%, UK/Europe 11%, Asia 11%, Africa 4%) offer outstanding, cost-effective advertising opportunities.

Equipment Indonesia Magazine is special media for equipments and trucks working in mining, construction, agriculture and forestry sectors. The magazine also covers industrial equipments, metal working and machine tools. The readers of Equipment Magazine consist of contractors in construction and mining industries, agriculture and forestry and related sectors, owners of equipments (rental companies), manufacturers, distributors/dealers of equipments, financial companies (leasing and banking), etc. Published monthly with 5.000 copies per month, our mission is “to reach the users and prospective buyers of equipments and machineries (new and used equipment) and to help the manufacturers, dealers supplying equipments that are suitable to the market needs. We have one and only one purpose — to sell your products and industry-related services.” Equipment Magazine also will meet your equipment selling needs through our website, And today, you could also read digital edition (e-magazine) on providers like Scoop ( and magzter (



外汇通网站于2002年正式创立,是目前全球华人在线"涉汇"的首选网站。外汇通秉承"助力中国人 淘金全世界"的经营理念,通过垂直门户网站、产品和应用组成的一站式全方位服务,为广大用户提供实时专业的投资信息,并为用户的投资理财保值增值提供专业解决方案和服务。外汇通的发展始终带着强烈的使命感,成立十余年来,凭借在外汇行业的资深扎根和互联网技术的与时俱进,外汇通始终保持在中国业界的领先地位。
外汇通正在并将继续为中国投资爱好群体提供与时俱进的数字化专业财经服务,逐步实现"助力中国人 淘金全世界"。带着这个使命,外汇通将把百万投资网民聚集起来,实现信息共享、用户互动,为用户提供更好、更专业、更愉悦的投资理财服务和在线体验。

国际矿业网(是青岛矿交所继中国矿权交易网之后,又新推出的一个网站, 主要面向国际化的商贸客户和群体。国际矿业网在承袭了中国矿权交易网种种优势的基础上,进一步丰富了网站内容,完善了客户服务机制,朝着更广阔更深远的方向和层次发展,将会给广大会员和客户提供一个更加便捷完善的国际化、专业化网络交易平台。

中国矿权交易网(作为青岛矿交所的下属网站, 于2003年正式投入运营,是目前国内矿业界首家最完善、最具有代表性的矿业类专业网站。在国内现有的矿业网站中,最具发展优势。青岛矿交所作为中国第一家专业的国际性矿业服务机构,为中国矿权交易网的发展提供了坚实的资金基础。它随着青岛矿交所知名度的不断提高而享誉全国,2004年、2005年伴随着青岛矿交会的举办,也随着报纸、电台、网络等媒体在矿业届频频亮相,特别在一些国家级矿业报刊、网络上全部实现资源共享、网络互连(中国矿业报、中国黄金报、地质勘查导报、中国矿业网、中国有色金属网等),为中国矿权交易网的发展奠定了良好的基础。中国矿权交易网实现智能化管理,采用会员管理制度,已拥有企业用户12000多家其中VIP 用户846家,70%以上的会员单位都能通过中国矿权交易网来收发信息、拓展业务。经过五年的发展,中国矿权交易网已经储备了相当的客户资源,这部分会员将会伴随中国矿权交易网的发展成为专业的矿权交易经纪人,进而将中国矿权交易网带到世界的每个角落,为中国矿权交易网向国际化专业网络平台发展提供了很好的空间。

China Mining Website ( is the official English-language website sponsored and established by China Mining Association (CMA) on August, 2006. It is operated and maintained by Information Center. The website is a portal which aims to promote the development of mining industry and the dissemination of information. Its columns include Comprehensive News, Policies and Regulations, Company News, Membership Display, International Mining, Green Mines, Conference & Exhibitions, etc.


贵金属网-(是综合性的贵金属投资门户网站。建立于2010年10月,本网站以专业贵金属黄金白银财经资讯推广为核心,致力于为中国企业及黄金投资者提供优质的信息、系统、资讯等服务(黄金T+D、纸黄金投资,金条金币买卖,黄金白银期货 等),并为企业及个人投资者提供第一手的投资建议及开户指导。

环球外汇网 (隶属于上海鲸高投资管理有限公司,成立于2004年。成立十余年始终定位服务于全球华人,提供24小时实时外汇与财经新闻资讯、专家评论、专业投资分析工具以及全国巡讲。以其全面丰富的外汇专业内容、吸引了越来越多的银行、金融机构和广大的汇民,访问量节节攀升。

Global Mineral Resource net ( is a famous international mining portal.It was founded by a group of well-known international mining background and passion for the internet in early 2008.Over the past few years,as the result of our unremitting efforts and with the help of more than 10,000 mineral enterprises members in the domestic and International,we always maintain a high reputation and influence in the mineral circles,as well as play irreplaceable role in accelerating mineral news spreading,active mineral market transactions and promote mineral technology development.
Our service aims:Based on domestic,be geared to the need of the world, serve for client,advance with client,anything is possible.
Our business policy:Complete with other's advantages,focus on innovation,have newer and better products,client first,faith is root.
Our long-term development goals:Internationalization perspective Functional diversification,standardization of service:trying to provide more and better information to support mineral globalization.

more – the First Internet Finance Portal in China
Founded in 1996, was the first stock market focused website in China. It is also one of the largest mobile financial information/service provider and a leading financial internet media in China.

FX168 财经集团( 是以大中华区的上海、北京、深圳、苏州、香港以及北美温哥华、欧洲伦敦为运营基地, 提供 24H 专业全球财经资讯、金融数据、投资教育培训、金融会展、品牌推广等综合服务的知名供应商。我们的业务涉及全球 39 个主要投资市场,拥有上千家机构合作伙伴,服务面向中国 2 亿投资者及全世界 5000 多万华人。集团下设 FX168 财经报社(香港)、 FX168 财经学院、 FX168 金融研究院、 FX168 事件统筹四大事业群及八个专业运营部。

JNA is a professional B2B monthly magazine dedicated to delivering up-to-date market information on the jewellery industry around the world. With its Special Features, Insight and Intelligence reports, JNA provides true value that fosters synergies and yields business opportunities within the jewellery industry. Its features on design and its stylish showcases provide a glimpse of upcoming trends influencing the jewellery landscape.

CJNA is a monthly business magazine focusing on the needs of the Chinese-speaking players in the jewellery industry. CJNA is committed to serving the trade with its editorial excellence, delivering timely, in-depth and unbiased information that is crucial in identifying business opportunities and making business decisions in the vast Greater China market.


Inside Mining magazine features valuable information on mining and exploration projects in Africa and beyond. The related industry website gives readers daily up-to-date news. Inside Mining is published by 3S Media – 55 years of publishing excellence. Visit for more.


Macau Business is a monthly magazine. Launched in May 2004 by “De Ficção – Projectos Multimedia” it was the first English-language magazine focusing on business and the economy of Macau and the surrounding regions. Over 13 years running, ”Macau Business”, has established itself in the English-language community.
Every month Macau Business presents a range of in-depth stories with sections dedicated to Gaming and property.
Headquartered in Macau SAR, Macau Business has expanded to be sold overseas by New York-based magazine online store Magzter.
A growing readership that attracts subscribers from as far afield as Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Canada and the USA makes the publication the most internationally recognized.


The oldest English newsletter in Macau, with more than 4,000 subscribers that receive daily the most updated, exclusive and breaking news every day.



International industrial magazine “Eurasian Metals”, established in 1996. Bimonthly (6 issues per year). The main scope is metallurgy and industries directly connected with it.
Focus audience: leaders, managers and leading specialists of the big steel and metal companies. The magazine maintains partner relations with EVRAZ, MMK, Severstal, NLMK, Mechel, Metalloinvest, OMK, TMK, UMMC, VSMPO-AVISMA, and other steel and metals companies in Russia as well as with foreign companies and organizations – such as World Steel Association, CRU, Marcegaglia, Danieli, SMS Group, Tenova, Primetals, etc.
Permanent headings: · Economics · Mining · Steel industry · Oil-gas-pipes · Non-ferrous metallurgy · Metals markets · Precious metals · Rare and rare earth metals · Machine-building and metalworking · Ecology · International review · History · Arts and handicrafts

MMI.GOV.CN is the website approved by the China Iron and steel association. It was designed and founded by the metallurgical industry information center, and was formally launched in March 29, 2001.It enables the steelmakers, traders and steel-related institutions and research centers to search and acquire information including the following columns:
Iron and Seel Industrial News
ŸFreight Market
Technology Innovations
ŸSteelmakers news etc.
ŸDaily Market (manufacturer’s and market price)
Monthly Market Review
Iron and steel data Statistics --domestic production and import& export data and world production and I & E data
Trade Policy --domestic and foreign trade policy


AZoMining is an online content marketing platform which reaches engineers and industry professionals in the mining and exploration community. With a worldwide audience, AZoMining is widely regarded as one of the leading digital mining magazines.

汇通网(作为中国金融衍生品领导品牌,致力于为用户提供最全面最快的资讯服务,提供稳定实用的软件及完善的的培训教学,帮助投资者实现信息对称,为中国金融衍生品健康、有序、向上发展不断努力和服务。 市商网是中国金融交易市场的专业媒体,整合众多资源优势,现已获得国内各大交易中心的关注。而市商网也是金融要素市场门户唯一一家新闻源媒体,市商网新闻不仅在网站能搜索到,并且可以在百度新闻、百度网页、360新闻、搜狗各大搜索引擎搜索。同时新闻成功入驻搜狐客户端、网易客户端、今日头条客户端等等各大新闻客户端,日阅读量超过90万。市商网网站日均IP已突破30万,微信粉丝突破20万。




As many know, Durrah is a premium luxury lifestyle magazine presenting articles related to high-scale, covering topics including VIP interviews, Art, Culture, Jewelry, fashion Industry, Perfumes, Yachting, Architecture, Hotels and travel around the world. Durrah’s quality is unsurpassed. Durrah, in Arabic, translates to ‘Pearl’, that focuses on luxury that is based on substance and lifestyle with intellect, rather than excess. On contemporary living that evolves from deep-set roots, rather than globalization, ensuring an inherently authentic flavor for a globally travelled audience. With a core focus on the colorful fusion of both traditional and modern elements that make up the Arabian identity, Durrah aims to promote and preserve all of the elements that make the Arabian Gulf so unique. Durrah adopts international standards, however also remains closely connected to Middle Eastern heritage, culture and achievements, all of which are prominently featured.
Targeting the high net worth individuals in GCC countries, Durrah was launched in Sept 2008. Five thousand copies of the publication are currently being printed for every issue and hand delivered by DHL to a selected client list in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Oman and few copies to Europe & USA.


The new financial network ( under the Beijing bear Network Information Co. Ltd., founded in 2008, with the perfect service system, with strong technical force and strong information content, to provide accurate data, users, marketing, online interactive services for enterprises and individuals.
The new financial network to "Internet plus" as the core value, the establishment of the Internet banking, mutual eight gold products, medical science, finance consumption, global market, entertainment gossip, and special video channel.
The new financial network aims at transmitting the most timely information about current affairs, people's livelihood and hot spots of information at home and abroad for the majority of enterprises and individuals, and screening the most valuable news. At the same time pay attention to the value of news mining and trading combined with practice. In the era of big data, to explore new ideas for the development of Internet plus "," accurate "open data services for the pioneer, and a one-stop service for major companies recommend the most advanced and most valuable products.

The only US-listed Chinese Internet financial information company.
JRJ.COM was founded in 1999 and hosed listed in NASDAQ on October 15th,2004(NASDAQ:JRJC).It's the only internet company of finance and economics listed in USA.As China's most powerful financial provider, it committed to provide comprehensive, timely, accurate an professional Chinese finance, economic and stock data as information to vast number of investors and institutional users.
JRJ.COM provides 7*24 service, present the professional, comprehensive as well as valuable global financial information, covering macroeconomic news, stock market, listed companies, fund bonds, financial product query, derivation information and market quotations, as well as stock analysis and finance software download service, what’s more it including stock forum, individual stock forum, financial forum, on-line salon, blog and other interactive platforms provide intimate services to the users.


National Mining Chronicle is your informed connection to what’s making news in the Australian and overseas mining industry today. The high-gloss magazine tackles the biggest matters facing mining and reflects the evolving face of the industry through insightful and indepth articles and opinion pieces. National Mining Chronicle is a voice of clarity in the ever-changing mining space.

The Moscow Times is Russia’s leading, independent English-language publication. Our mission is to provide foreigners and internationally oriented Russians with up to the minute news, engaging stories and well-researched journalism about the largest country on earth.
We pride ourselves on adhering to the highest journalistic standards. All editorial decisions are made independently by our newsroom team of editors and reporters, a practice that has been in place since the publication founding in 1992.
Since summer 016 The Moscow Times has its Chinese print edition that is very popular among Chinese tourists. It’s distributed in Moscow hotels, restaurants, shopping molls, in airports and Chinese airlines. Next year it’ll be also presented in St. Petersburg, the most popular destinations for Chinese.

As a specialised job board provides talent recruitment experts with an internet platform to reach out to professional mining candidates through job advertising. Trusted by over 100,000 mining people worldwide to bring them technically challenging and interesting jobs. As an Advertiser you can rely on us to market your jobs direct to a select category of our mining database because we have built up a reputation since 2007. Contact our friendly team at


China Beneficiation Technology Network is a resource Website that provides ore dressing technical guidance services for mining enterprises. The website sets up more than one hundred navigation columns as well as 300 thousand technical articles, such as detailed annotations of ore-dressing technique, procedures of various mining documents, mining equipment selection methods, preparation and pharmaceutical of reagents, the market price of mineral products, experts online advice, mining personnel exchanges, information of mineral rights transfer. Since its establishment, the website has invited many outstanding experts of mineral processing and geology, mining and design professionals who are long engaged in mining development to summarize actual situation of mines systemically and achieve comprehensive integration of technology resources. Adhering to professional, authoritative, practical principle and good service, the website which is well received by the industry has assisted numerous mines in reducing risk, improving efficiency and achieving maximum economic benefits. At present, our website has owned the greatest impact whose registered member is more than Two hundred and ten thousand, distributing throughout domestic provinces and more than 30 countries abroad.

The Sharps Pixley name may date back to 1778, bearing the hallmark for old fashioned trust and discretion, but our outlook is entirely of today ...
In addition to our leading-edge online web shop, Sharps Pixley also provides the leading information platform on precious metals with some of the fastest and most complete sources of market prices, news, research and analysis – allowing investors to draw on leading sources of market information before making their investments. Our website is often described as the fastest and most complete source of precious metals news, prices and analysis and this is underscored by claims that it is consistently the fastest growing bullion website of all.

因为专注所以专业,因为坚持所以走的更远。天下财经网(始创于1998年,在国内以业界公认的权威行业分析,以及准确及时的全方位资讯覆盖金融行业和财经证券领域。,founded in 2002,ranking the No.1 coin website of China.The daily visit surpasses 500,000 times.
It has more than 30 columns,including Coin News, Market Quotation, Antique Coins,Modern Coins, Circulated Modern China Coins,Paper Money,Medals,Coin Forum ,and so on.
It is the official portal of not only Gold Coin Market Association(belongs to Inter-Bank Dealers Association of China),but also China Collectors Association Coins Commission.

东方财富网是中国访问量最大、影响力最大的财经证券门户网站之一。 东方财富网致力于打造专业、权威、为用户着想的财经媒体。2004年3月上线。多年来,凭借权威、全面、专业、及时的优势,东方财富网持续位居中国财经类网站第一位,并不断扩大与竞争对手之间的差距,巩固优势地位。

Huodongjia is a professional conference platform for query and registration , gathered with various of different industies quality meetings. Each year more than 100,000 business meetings released here, and millions people buy tickets for their target event in huodongjia.
It creates a new conference information platform and provides services of conference release, marketing, conference sharing, live video, live conference , guest presentations, lecture notes and others which offers the opportunities to those who are in demand of meeting with the industry elites. Make a need for people to meet the industry's elite. To find a meeting ,please on





Oceanwide Financial Media Limited’s, is a popular bilingual financial website under China Oceanwide International Financial Limited (Stock code: 0952) in Hong Kong. It is famous for its independent, in-depth stock analysis and market-beating investment recommendations on each trading day. Established in 1998, our mission is to provide successful investment strategies, professional stock advice and precise analysis.

Financial experts of provides marketing leading and professional investment recommendations on value investing, technical analysis and financial techniques of companies and markets both in China and Hong Kong, with charts, instruments, stock quotes, important financial news and information.
Quamnet has been organizing seminars, introductory and advanced courses on investment, as a way to educate the public for investment knowledge. Meanwhile, Quamnet has been an organizer for prestigious annual events, namely “Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards”, “QuamIR Awards” and “Quamnet Giant Financial Forum”; meanwhile it provides integrated marketing solutions for enterprises, assisting the companies for exploring broader scope of business opportunities.


TNJ Global media is a multi dimensional publishing group company for the global Gem and Jewellery industry. Led by publishing industry stalwarts, TNJ Global media today has made a mark through its state of the art unbiased trade news service mediums, be it trade news magazines, Internet television portal, or education series. The Group has achieved innumerable accolades from the global jewellery industry and today the news services offered through various mediums from the group have transformed many a business houses through garnering accurate information on global trade, technology and education, latest trends in design, seminars and conferences. The global Gem and Jewellery trade members see us as an authentic support partner to build partnerships and enhance growth.

Commodities Now is the online service specializing in the traded commodity complex… in power and energy, industrial and precious metals, agriculture and softs, together with renewable energy and emission markets, logistics, legal, regulatory policy, and specialist technology. Since 1997 we have been developing our expertise and market connections to provide commodity professionals and the wider investment community with dedicated research and intelligence on the commodity markets.


African Mining Brief is a bimonthly Pan African publication that covers developments in mining, gas and oil sectors in African countries. African Mining Brief is distributed through print and digital platforms to people in executive positions in oil, gas and mining companies, natural resources ministries in different countries, mining research entities, and Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) involved in medium to large scale oil, gas and mining projects in Africa.

Established in 1978, Hong Kong Jewellery is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018 and embracing the new milestone of development. As the first Hong Kong-based English-Chinese bilingual professional trade publication, Hong Kong Jewellery has been providing global readers with up-to-date information and news worldwide, in depth feature stories, comprehensive market reports and trendsetting design directions since the beginning. The fresh perspectives and smart style are considered a pioneer in the publications of its kind in the region.
Hong Kong Jewellery is one of the most influential professional publications in the region. Published four times a year (three issues in print and one online) with a controlled circulation of 6,000 copies per issue, Hong Kong Jewellery is mailed directly to global subscribers, trade organisations, laboratories, academic institutes and government bodies; and a considerable portion is reserved for trade practitioners at the world's most significant jewellery exhibitions.
In a bid to harmonise with the fast growing world of internet, Hong Kong Jewellery is also available in digital version. The meticulously-designed website ( and the mobile application for iPad are ready for global viewers to read the Magazine anytime, everywhere. Search 香港珠寶, Hong Kong Jewelry‘or HKJM' at App Store for free download. Capitalising on the power of social media, we are also active on Facebook and Instagram delivering quality and interesting information to global viewers, making interaction with them, while stirring up their emotions towards fine jewellery.

FocusEconomics is a leading provider of economic analysis and forecasts for 127 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, as well as price forecasts for 33 key commodities. The company is supported by an extensive global network of analysts.Since its launch in 1999, FocusEconomics has established a solid reputation as a reliable source for timely and accurate business intelligence among Clients from a variety of industries, including the world's major financial institutions, multinational companies and government agencies.

OMINET is committed to serving the global mining company,building a huge information service platform for global mining investment and financing.






Zambia’s premier source of mining news.




Mining Zimbabwe Magazine’s core focus is on the ever evolving face of the Mining industry, trends, new technologies being developed and used to improve this crucial sector, as well as new opportunities and investments arising from it. We bring industry experts, financial experts and economic as well as legal experts together to give our readers an in depth look into Zimbabwe’s mining sector. This magazine is published with the sole purpose of growing and empowering the mining industry and highlighting all its challenges as well as putting forth expert solutions and services.