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The 9th annual China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2014 will provide you with a comprehensive picture of price outlook, supply & demand fundamentals, investor sentiment, Asian physical gold market, leading miners’ strategy, the chances of a roll-back of gold import rules in India, and China's efforts to set up an international physical gold exchange in Shanghai in the context of muted physical gold buying out of Asia, a remaining risk of gold ETF liquidation, growing optimism about the U.S. economy, a stronger U.S. dollar and equity market, ongoing policy normalization from the Fed and potentially looser ECB policy, and a restructuring in the South African PGM sector as a result of the strike. Now in its 9th year, the premier event again will be convening 250+ top professionals from various stakeholders across the value chain including miners, refiners, fabricators, bullion dealers, bankers, traders, brokers, money managers, analysts, advisors, jewelers and policymakers, etc.
What Will You Take Away From The Event?
  • Finding out where gold and silver are headed amid dollar strength, looming U.S. rate hikes, and a rotational shift out of haven assets
  • Identifying China's efforts to have greater influence over gold pricing by launching an international physical gold exchange in Shanghai
  • Investigating China's economic slowdown coupled with a weaker yuan and the country's physical gold buying related to collateral financing and the implications for the Chinese demand going forward
  • Determining the Federal Reserve's stance on the timing of an eventual rate hike on the back of an improving labor market and a gradual rise in inflation expectations
  • Examining growing pressure on the ECB to implement bond-buying program amid worries about low inflation and sluggish growth in the eurozone and its impact on the euro, the greenback and gold
  • Knowing about miners' response to focus on profits, costs, cash flow and capital discipline in a lower price environment and its effects on mine supply in the years to come
  • Scrutinizing the continuation of gold-import restrictions in India in spite of the country's improving economy and narrowing current account deficit
  • Probing into ebbing investment demand for gold reflected by tepid interest from futures traders and ETF investors in the face of dollar strength and a stock market at record highs
  • Understanding a turnaround in growth concerns across advanced economies and the impact on the fabrication demand for silver in the years ahead
  • Looking into sizable deficits resulting from a five-month strike coupled with improving demand from the auto sector and physically-backed ETFs and the longer-term implications for PGM prices
  • Gaining access to a target audience of producers, refiners, bullion dealers, bankers, brokers, traders, investors, fund managers, consultants, jewelers and regulators, etc
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