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Officially endorsed by the China Gold Association and the Shanghai Gold Exchange, the 11th China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2016 will be convening 250+ top professionals from across the value chain including mining companies, refiners & fabricators, bullion dealers, mints, exchanges, investment & bullion banks, central banks, brokerage firms, money managers, trading houses, jewelers, consultancies, service providers, and policymakers, etc.

Now at its 11th year, the conference will highlight the updates regarding innovation and the opening-up of China's gold market, the implications for China's gold industry from the country's Belt and Road Initiative and RMB internationalization strategy, and price trends and supply & demand outlook for gold, silver and platinum group metals amidst growing uncertainty sweeping wider financial markets, a scaling back of expectations for further rate hikes from the Fed and rising concerns over moves towards negative interest rates.






Key Facts

Keeping Abreast Of

Price Trends \ Fed Policy \ Brexit Fallout \ Dollar Strength \ Market Sentiment
US Growth Momentum \ US Presidential Election \ Mining Strategy \ Real Yields
ETF Holdings \ Inflation Expectations \ Physical Buying Interest \ Supply & Demand Picture \ Chinese Gold Fix \ Chinese Growth and RMB Exchange Rates

Attendee Breakdown

250+ Top Professionals \ 30+ Refiners \ 30+ Bullion Dealers \ 20+ Mining Companies \ 20+ Investment and Bullion Banks \ 15+ Brokerage Firms \ 15+ Money Managers \ 10+ Exchanges \ 10+ Mints \ 10+ Jewelers \ 5+ Shippers \ 5+ Vaults

Attendee Profile

President / CEO / Managing Director / CFO / COO / CCO / VP
Head of Refinery / Assay / Storage
Head of Precious Metals / Commodities
Head of Bullion & Commemorative Coin
Head of Numismatics
Head of Precious Metals / Metals / Commodities Trading
Head of Precious Metals / Metals / Commodities Strategy

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