Day One (9 December     2015 Wednesday)       AM   0800    Registration
  0900    The implications for China's gold market and gold mining industry from the
                Belt and Road Initiative
  0930    Shanghai benchmark and internationalisation of the gold market
  1000    Zijin Mining's overseas and domestic development strategy in a still
                challenging but slightly recovering market environment
  1030    Coffee break & taking group photo
  1100    Trends of gold contracts in Asia as physical bullion moves eastward
  1130    Determining long-term potential in the gold market despite potentially lower
                prices in the short-term
  1200    Luncheon
      PM   1400    Global supply & demand analysis for the gold market
  1430    Determining a move to improve productivity and prepare for longer-term
                growth as the gold mining industry shifts from boom to bust
  1500    Analyzing the major headwinds facing gold and their real impact on gold
  1530    Coffee break
  1550    Panel Discussion: Assessing the key geopolitical, financial and economic
                uncertainties around the world and their influences on gold
  1630    Understanding the Fed¡¯s stance on monetary tightening and the impact on
                the gold market
  1700    Investigating the rationale for an allocation to gold for now
  1730    Chairperson¡¯s concluding remarks
  1800    Cocktail Reception
    Day Two (10 December     2015 Thursday)       AM   0900    AcidLess Separation?: remarkable of OPEX savings in the PMs
                refinery business by means of a new gold and silver green parting method
  0930    Investigating the bearish price sentiment toward silver
  1000    Is the global gold mining industry showing signs of life despite signs of
                pain are still widely visible?
  1030    Coffee break
  1100    Examining the market sentiment toward gold
  1130    Capitalising on financial instruments to manage price volatility, improve
                profitability and secure a sustainable gold mining business
  1200    Luncheon
      PM   1400    Finding out the true fundamental story in platinum
  1430    Is the bullish case for palladium fading?
  1500    What's wrong with platinum group metals as platinum remains near
               six-year lows and palladium hovers near a three-year low?
  1530    Panel Discussion: Understanding the price movements and supply/demand
               picture for gold, silver and PGMs in the years to come
  1610    Closing remarks from the organizing committee

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