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9th Annual China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2014 is China's largest multinational networking and informative platform specializing in the gold and precious metals industry. The event will be a peerless opportunity for industry players eyeing the rich potential of the China market. This high-profile conference offers excellent exposure to all key figures in the gold and precious metals industry with maximized benefits, assisting you to further achieve your objectives in long-term business development.

IGVision has been recognized as the leading international summits organizer in China's pillar industries. We strive to provide you with more information, intelligence and connections through our thoroughly researched events. If you need access to the top professionals in the 9th Annual China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2014 with IGVision, we can deliver customer-tailored packages for any size budget. Our intense marketing campaign will also brand your image and raise your profile.

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First Asia Merchants Bullion Limited ("First Gold"), previously known as Well & Well Bullion, was established in Hong Kong in 1991. First Gold is a member of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society of Hong Kong; membership number is 114. It is a brokerage company that has been providing professional bullion trading services, mainly spot gold trading, to its clients in Asia Pacific region for 20 years. In addition to advanced trading platforms and analyzing tools, First Gold has gathered a group of talents in financial sector and possessed an experienced servicing team in spot gold trading. To ensure its clients receive excellent customer services, First Gold provides professional, reliable, high quality and accurate trading information in a prompt manner to assist its clients to instantly capture golden investment opportunities, hence increasing the chance of making lucrative profit.

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Since many years IKOI Srl has become the reference in the production of gold & silver bars and coins, as leader in technological innovation and customer service.
Our machines and plants for production of gold and silver ingots are unique, and thanks to international patents registered IKOI is proud be associated with famous worldwide mints.
The plants and machinery IKOI cover full range of ingots, from minted bars, to 1,6oz to 32oz casted bars, till the biggest 400oz gold and 1000oz silver bars.
Due the high market demand for gold and silver bars, IKOI has developed plants that allow its clients to benefit from:
  • finish bars of exact weight and high quality surface, ready for sale
  • guaranteed quality of the finished products
  • improved performances with less consumption and less cost
  • respect of environmental regulations (green technology)
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Royal Capital Group is a fast growing financial institution that aspires to provide a full range of quality financial products and services to individual and institutional investors worldwide. At present, RC has a global reach across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the US.
As a subsidiary of Royal Capital Group and a recognized E-trading member (No. 76) of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (“CGSE”) of Hong Kong, Royal Capital Precious Metals provides professional online trading services in spot gold and spot silver.
With a management team that has 30 years of experience in the bullion industry and an unparalleled research capability supported by a global network of analysts, Royal Capital is able to provide not only the RC trading platform and the MT4 trading platform that were developed with state-of-the-art technology but also a 24-hour market analysis service that enables clients to anticipate market trends, see opportunities as they develop and execute cleanly.
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