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8th Annual China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2013 is China's largest multinational networking and informative platform specializing in the gold and precious metals industry. The event will be a peerless opportunity for industry players eyeing the rich potential of the China market. This high-profile conference offers excellent exposure to all key figures in the gold and precious metals industry with maximized benefits, assisting you to further achieve your objectives in long-term business development.

IGVision has been recognized as the leading international summits organizer in China's pillar industries. We strive to provide you with more information, intelligence and connections through our thoroughly researched events. If you need access to the top professionals in the 6th Annual China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2011 with IGVision, we can deliver customer-tailored packages for any size budget. Our intense marketing campaign will also brand your image and raise your profile.

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888 Investment Group supplies to both the local and international markets with various forms of bullion. We have the ability to produce 999.9 Gold and 999+ Fine Silver in many forms from Ingots to Minted Bars and Coins.
With refinery operations now located in Australia, Ghana and India and with our new operation underway in Zimbabwe allows 888 to expand its refining services to the 4 corners of the globe.
With our new head office now open in Dubai, one of the largest trading hubs for Gold in the world places 888 right in the heart of the world market and has allowed us to expand our distribution channels.
888 Refining Australia our flag ship refinery located in Melbourne, Australia and is corner stone of the 888 Investment Group although our new state of the art refinery in Ghana will soon over take Australia.
Our Refinery personal across the globe are expertly qualified: From Manufacturing, jewellery and mining industries, providing 888 a wonderful broad base of experience required to maximize clients profits and ensure our world-class standards are achieved and maintained.
888 is currently in the process of setting up new trading office in Shanghai and also in Hong Kong in line with the company’s expansion plans and to increase its distribution channels into the largest markets in the world. 888 is also in the process of joining both the Hong Kong and Shanghai Gold Exchanges.
In line with 888 Invest Groups "Mission Statement" our refining division strives for:
  • World Class bullion refining
  • Mine to mantelpiece bullion solutions
  • Value added closed loop sales and marketing
  • Expanding our product distribution across the globe
  • To ensure our core values of business integrity are met at all times.
    Associate SponsorS

    Malca-Amit provides comprehensive and competitive solutions for corporations, financial institutions, wealth managers and high-net worth individuals looking to transport and store precious metals.
    We safeguard your investment every step of the way - from the moment we take delivery of your precious metals to storage at one of our internationally acclaimed secure facilities located around the world.
    Our liability is wholly underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, ensuring all-risk liability coverage on assets from the moment they are entrusted to our expert care.
    We offer secured vaulting facilities in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore and overnight delivery to major commerce centers around the globe.
    Since 1963, Malca-Amit has been committed to providing the highest standard of secure logistical solutions, precious assets support and services and bespoke operations. With office in over 31 countries, along with an international network of partners and affiliates, Malca-Amit works with you hand-in-hand to achieve maximum efficiency when handling your precious metals.
    Security, compliance and a commitment to the highest standard of integrity in all we do, reaffirms Malca-Amit’s dedication to a superior level service. Malca-Amit is also a COMEX approved provider and LBMA member.

    Poised to launch into another 90 years of pioneering history, Rand Refinery has been at the forefront of precious metals refining and smelting for the last 93 years.
    Evolving from a local refiner of doré to an internationally recognised and accredited global precious metals leader, Rand Refinery constantly pursues excellence and strives to maximise value across a wide range of value-added products and services. “We put refinement into everything we do, constantly striving towards attaining flawless perfection. And in this process, we have moved to encompass the entire precious metals value-chain, offering more customers more products and services. We are a full service global player in a dynamic and ever-evolving world market”, says Chief Executive, Mr Howard Craig.
    Since 1920, the company has refined more than 50 000 tons of gold – almost one third of all the gold mined worldwide. Rand Refinery also refines silver to the same benchmark standards it has become known for over the nine decades of operation.
    During this time, the company has established a firm reputation for integrity, reliability and unblemished quality with the world’s leading bullion banks, commodities traders and coin distributors.
    Our offering extends across the precious metals value chain and begins with world-class smelting, refining and recovery of precious metals. From there we fabricate a variety of products for investment, luxury products, industrial use and retail products. It should also be borne in mind that Rand Refinery does not source any metal deposits from conflict-affected areas, and adheres strictly to the OECD and LBMA guidelines in this regard.
    “Although mining companies will continue to produce the precious metal and Rand Refinery will continue to assist with the refining processes, it is important to note that the “responsible” mining and production of this metal is not what will distinguish it from the rest. It is the untold stories of the large investments made by these mining companies and associated players in their local communities to improve on education, sanitation, agriculture and other local economic development projects that give this a worthy cause,” says Craig.
    Responsible gold.....ethically mined......purely refined.
    Presentation Sponsors

    Since 1996 IECO KOI becomes the reference in the production of gold & silver bars and coins, as leader in technological innovation and customer service.
    Our machines and plants for production of gold and silver ingots are unique, and thanks to international patents registered IECO KOI is proud be associated with famous worldwide mints .
    The plants and machinery IECO KOI cover full range of ingots, from minted bars, to 50g to 1000g casted bars, till the biggest 400oz gold and 1000oz silver bars.
    Due the high market demand for gold and silver bars, IECO KOI has developed plants that allow its clients to benefit from:
  • finish bars of exact weight and high quality surface, ready for sale
  • guaranteed quality of the finished products
  • improved performances with less consumption and less cost
  • respect of environmental regulations (green technology)

    Yintianxia Sendo Financial Research Institute, comply with the national strategic plan of building an international financial center, was established in June 2011 in Shanghai, approved as the member of China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association. Adhering to the "independent, professional, dedicated, and win-win" principle, Yintianxia Sendo Financial Research Institute aims to become the leading domestic and international well-known private and independent third party financial research and service organization.

    Royal Capital Group is a fast growing financial institution that aspires to provide a full range of quality financial products and services to individual and institutional investors worldwide. At present, RC has a global reach across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the US.
    As a subsidiary of Royal Capital Group and a recognized E-trading member (No. 76) of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (“CGSE”) of Hong Kong, Royal Capital Precious Metals provides professional online trading services in spot gold and spot silver.
    With a management team that has 30 years of experience in the bullion industry and an unparalleled research capability supported by a global network of analysts, Royal Capital is able to provide not only the RC trading platform and the MT4 trading platform that were developed with state-of-the-art technology but also a 24-hour market analysis service that enables clients to anticipate market trends, see opportunities as they develop and execute cleanly.
    Exhibition SponsorS

    SIRIUS Commodities SA is a company based in Switzerland established to provide market solutions to commodity clients worldwide:
    • Governments
    • Banks
    • Exchanges
    • Corporate Investors
    • Producers (mines, counters)
    • Consumers (industry, jewelry)
    • Refineries
    SIRIUS Commodities SA offers innovative and integrated tailor-made solutions in physical commodities, specifically in GOLD, covering all client needs by providing services as follows:
    • Purchase and sales of commodities (raw, scrap or refined form)
    • Transportation, storage and insurance (large insured capacities available)
    • Refining of raw gold in VAT free zone (large capacities in GOLD available)
    • Remelt and recast of scrap or refined bars in VAT free zone (large capacities in GOLD available)
    • Hedge of the value of stock over time
    • Traceability of stocks by implementing a patented nanotechnology directly onto bars or coins
    • Analysis and implementation of global solutions for gold businesses

    Gold Holding Ltd is an investment holding company headquartered in Dubai and registered under the laws and regulations of the Dubai International Financial Centre. Gold Holding is a thriving group that is constantly seeking new companies to join its growing portfolio of precious metal and mining companies. It does however have stringent ethical values that mean its procurement methods are always of the highest moral standards and it is highly selective in where it chooses to operate. Gold Holding’s current portfolio includes: Gold.AE, the first physical bullion online-trading company in the region; QGold, its Qatari operation; Sabayek, in Egypt; Altin24, its Turkish operator, and a jewelry and gold and silver e-commerce company; Saudi Gold Exchange; its Swiss company, Gold AE (Switzerland) which deals with gold-related asset management, and GoldBank SAC, a Peruvian gold mining company. Gold Holding aims to achieve a predominant position in the market, therefore, is keen to invest in new areas and companies, and so is constantly seeking ethical investments wherever they are to be found.
    Panel Sponsor

    The Kaloti Group is one of the world’s leading privately owned gold companies (300+ staff) headquartered in Dubai but with a global footprint through its offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Istanbul, Miami (Associate), and a representative office and evaluation unit in Lima. We provide comprehensive solutions for the precious metal industry including wholesale trading and physical hedging products; mine and scrap financing; assaying and refining; vaulting and other logistics services. Our refinery produces and mints gold, silver, and platinum group metals with current gold output averaging over 300 tonnes per annum. Kaloti is constructing one of the world’s largest gold refineries with state of the art facilities and annual production capacity of up to 1,400 tonnes of gold plus 600 tonnes of silver and other precious metals. We also have a joint-venture with the Government of Suriname for the construction of a refinery and mint house in Paramaribo (Suriname).  
    Special Supporter

    The Jiangsu Dayuanyintai Precious Metals Electronic Trading Market (here on in referred to as Dayuanyintai or Trading Market) is supervised by the Jiangsu Finance Office and has passed the registration procedure of the State Council Inter-Ministerial joint meeting; received the approval of the Jiangsu provincial government, obtaining the official qualification of a trading market and becoming the only precious metal trading place in Nanjing and one of the few in the Yangtze River Delta.
    Based on the principle of “Standard Operation and Steady Development,” the trading market cooperated with 50 high-quality and comprehensive member companies by the end of July 2012. Dayuanyintai has become one of the preferred platforms for precious metals investor, due to its mature varieties trading patterns and services.
    In the future, the trading market will constantly guided by the national policies, and driven by continuous improvement, innovation and development; which is committed to build precious metals industry a standard, security and speedy trade settlement center; Authoritative, objective and timely price information center; quality, efficient and smooth warehousing & logistics center; Integrity, convenient, economic electronic trading center. And compete for the power to pricing in the international market by its strength.
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    We specialize in institutional end-to-end trading, custody, and clearing solutions for physical gold trading.
    Founded in 2013, each member of the management team has over 20 years of experience in the banking industry across trading, technology, operations and infrastructure.
    Our client base consists of private wealth institutions, independent wealth advisors, funds, central banks, corporates and institutional dealers. With the varied needs of our clients, we customize our solutions to meet their needs and those of their clients.
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