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9th Annual China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2014 is China's largest multinational networking and informative platform specializing in the gold and precious metals industry. The event will be a peerless opportunity for industry players eyeing the rich potential of the China market. This high-profile conference offers excellent exposure to all key figures in the gold and precious metals industry with maximized benefits, assisting you to further achieve your objectives in long-term business development.

IGVision has been recognized as the leading international summits organizer in China's pillar industries. We strive to provide you with more information, intelligence and connections through our thoroughly researched events. If you need access to the top professionals in the 9th Annual China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2014 with IGVision, we can deliver customer-tailored packages for any size budget. Our intense marketing campaign will also brand your image and raise your profile.

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First Asia Merchants Bullion Limited ("First Gold"), previously known as Well & Well Bullion, was established in Hong Kong in 1991. First Gold is a member of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society of Hong Kong; membership number is 114. It is a brokerage company that has been providing professional bullion trading services, mainly spot gold trading, to its clients in Asia Pacific region for 20 years. In addition to advanced trading platforms and analyzing tools, First Gold has gathered a group of talents in financial sector and possessed an experienced servicing team in spot gold trading. To ensure its clients receive excellent customer services, First Gold provides professional, reliable, high quality and accurate trading information in a prompt manner to assist its clients to instantly capture golden investment opportunities, hence increasing the chance of making lucrative profit.

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Financial & Risk connects and powers the global financial community with open and trusted news, data, analytics and insight, tools and applications, trading capabilities and infrastructure and services that enable trading, investing, financial and corporate professionals to optimize price discovery, efficiency, liquidity and compliance. Financial & Risk’s products and services connect and power the global financial community with the principles of trust, openness and innovation.
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Since many years IKOI Srl has become the reference in the production of gold & silver bars and coins, as leader in technological innovation and customer service.
Our machines and plants for production of gold and silver ingots are unique, and thanks to international patents registered IKOI is proud be associated with famous worldwide mints.
The plants and machinery IKOI cover full range of ingots, from minted bars, to 1,6oz to 32oz casted bars, till the biggest 400oz gold and 1000oz silver bars.
Due the high market demand for gold and silver bars, IKOI has developed plants that allow its clients to benefit from:
  • finish bars of exact weight and high quality surface, ready for sale
  • guaranteed quality of the finished products
  • improved performances with less consumption and less cost
  • respect of environmental regulations (green technology)
Email: /

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Founded in 1996, FlexTrade Systems Inc., is the industry pioneer and global leader in multi-asset execution and order management trading solutions for FX, Precious Metals, equities, and listed derivatives. With offices in Asia, North America and Europe, FlexTrade has a client base spanning more than 175 buy- and sell-side firms, including many of the largest investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, commodity trading advisors and institutional brokers. For FX & Precious Metals trading, we offer two solutions, MaxxTrader, which is our sell-side white label platform, and FlexFX, our award-winning, broker-neutral platform that comes fully loaded with a flexible array of tools for implementing intelligent trading strategies, including user-defined analytics for quantitative trading and order management. Both platforms are also available as a combined, single Enterprise FX & Precious Metals Solution. For more information, visit FlexTrade Systems at or follow news of the company on Twitter at or LinkedIn at S

Shenzhen Muchinfo Information Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Muchinfo), a Shenzhen-based high-tech enterprise founded in 2004, is China’s leading provider of electronic spot trading system and service. Muchinfo is a pioneer of OTC trading solution in China, having developed OTC trading system, analysis system, market data source, mobile terminal system with independent intellectual property rights. The company has pioneered the integration of deal-making, market-making, listing, auction through its cutting-edge diversified trading system known as TAS.
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DMCC is dedicated to enhancing Dubai’s position as the global gateway for commodity trade. The most successful markets create conditions that enable producers, traders and consumers to thrive. DMCC is the Dubai Government Authority committed to developing these ideal conditions for trade and enterprise. DMCC has a strong track record in trade facilitation and we encourage and support business through the platforms we provide. These include our commodity exchanges, legal and regulatory frameworks and our flexible real estate offering. Industry participants benefit from access to market infrastructure and facilities including the UAE’s largest and fastest growing Free Zone, gold and diamond vaults, trading platforms like the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange, Dubai Diamond Exchange, the Dubai Pearl Exchange and DMCC Tradeflow, the dedicated online platform for registering possession and ownership of commodities stored in UAE-based storage facilities and the DMCC Tea Centre. DMCC is truly made for trade.

Al Etihad Gold is one of the largest Gold and Silver refineries in the Middle East. The company pride itself as one of the most accepted brand in the region (DGCX, banks, bullion traders, jewellery wholesalers and manufacturers) leading in terms of productivity, financial capability and customer satisfaction. Equipped with highly skilled and experienced owners and management team coupled with state of the art refining facility, Al Etihad Gold established itself as major player in both production and service sectors of the industry. Al Etihad Gold is Dubai Good Delivery (DGD) accredited for its Gold and Silver products. The company is fully compliant with the DMCC Responsible Sourcing Guidance and is accredited by ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems and one of the first refinery in its region to be accredited with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 which includes ICP Multi Element Analysis for Gold and Silver.

Brinks Global Services, the global division of Brink’s Inc., a widely recognized provider of Secure Logistics Solutions with 150 years of experience, founded in 1859. BGS, with its strong integrated network of affiliates, provides Secure Transport and associated Security Services in more than 120 countries, with a team over 70,000 People and 12,000 Armed Trucks, to serve customers across the globe. In this sense, BRINKS GLOBAL SERVICES FZE (Dubai, UAE) was created on October 24th 2000. Since then, BGS has focused on providing qualified Security Services to most of the prominent names in the world, Luxury Brands, Gold Companies, Certified Mines, International and Local Banks and reputed Financial Institutions, promoting Dubai as a hub for trading and extending the idea of the “City of Gold” and also supporting customers to establish regular operations within the region, having BRINKS as their exclusive trustable partner.

Professional Traders (DPTG DMCC) is the Middle East’s first and leading trading floor. Established in the heart of new Dubai, it is a thriving and rapidly growing community of global trader talent and cultivating ground for aspiring professionals to excel in the art of proprietary trading. A 100% trader owned entity, Professional Traders provides the perfect setup for traders with state of the art technology, direct market access to all major exchanges and in house servers, a tax free trading environment, ideal time zone to trade all global market sessions and 24 hour tech and risk support. Professional Traders also runs a first of its kind training division designed to equip candidates from all walks of life and turn them into profitable professional traders. Working in conjunction with the DMCC, Professional Traders is working to establish the world’s largest trading floor in sunny, tax free Dubai by 2020.

Gulf Gold Refinery, a UAE based company, specializes in providing global clients with accurate and transparent precious metals refining, assaying, vaulting, and transport services. Our highly committed experts and modern state of the art facility ensures our high service quality that meets all industry standards. We pride ourselves on being fully able to deliver and exceed offshore demands with convinience, integrity and full accountability.

Kaloti Precious Metals is a global precious metals refinery and trading house providing complete and comprehensive services including bullion, mined and scrap gold funding, assaying, refining, recovery of precious metals, and production of bullion bars, minted bars and coins, and beautifully handcrafted pieces of jewelry. The group also offers a trading and brokerage function and logistics services. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE and consolidated under the mantle of DMCC, Kaloti also has presence in Sharjah, Hong Kong, Singapore, Istanbul, Miami, and Suriname. Kaloti’s refinery is Dubai Good Delivery accredited and is fully compliant with DMCC guidelines for responsible sourcing of precious metals based on OECD. The group is also a member of DGCX, CME Group, IGE, DGJG, DGAG, IPMI, and HKJMA. Kaloti caters to a wide variety of customers on a global scale including banks and financial institutions, bullion & jewellery traders, mines, gold refiners, investors, government agencies, and end consumers.

PANIS Group, established in 1948, is one of the leading accounting and consulting firms specializing in precious metals and diamond industry. Having its Dubai operations in DMCC the heart of Gold Business in UAE, we are one of the top free Zone Consultants. We provide turnkey solutions for all your free zone needs including Free Zone company formation, company structure for International Businesses, Office Solutions and Visa formalities amongst other advisory services.   A global presence in Belgium, Hong Kong, India and Dubai, we are able to services an international clientele and are your one stop business service point. More details Contact Mr. Hitesh Shah + 971 52 908 7777。
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Royal Capital Group is a fast growing financial institution that aspires to provide a full range of quality financial products and services to individual and institutional investors worldwide. At present, RC has a global reach across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the US.
As a subsidiary of Royal Capital Group and a recognized E-trading member (No. 76) of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (“CGSE”) of Hong Kong, Royal Capital Precious Metals provides professional online trading services in spot gold and spot silver.
With a management team that has 30 years of experience in the bullion industry and an unparalleled research capability supported by a global network of analysts, Royal Capital is able to provide not only the RC trading platform and the MT4 trading platform that were developed with state-of-the-art technology but also a 24-hour market analysis service that enables clients to anticipate market trends, see opportunities as they develop and execute cleanly.

The Kaloti Group is one of the world’s leading privately owned gold companies (300+ staff) headquartered in Dubai but with a global footprint through its offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Istanbul, Miami (Associate), and a representative office and evaluation unit in Lima. We provide comprehensive solutions for the precious metal industry including wholesale trading and physical hedging products; mine and scrap financing; assaying and refining; vaulting and other logistics services. Our refinery produces and mints gold, silver, and platinum group metals with current gold output averaging over 300 tonnes per annum. Kaloti is constructing one of the world’s largest gold refineries with state of the art facilities and annual production capacity of up to 1,400 tonnes of gold plus 600 tonnes of silver and other precious metals. We also have a joint-venture with the Government of Suriname for the construction of a refinery and mint house in Paramaribo (Suriname).
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As the saying goes, “Even if there are thousands of beauties around, I will choose the only one in my heart.” Among various occupations, we choose trading to make a living. With many years of practice experiences in analysis and trading and service experiences in banking and finance, our think tank team has accomplished the following outstanding achievements: the comprehensive financial service system for precious metal and leverage market trading investment, the development of occupational emotion for finance and trading investment,theethics-oriented analysis and trading system, focusing on investment opportunities. All these contribute to developing a mature trading investment market, practitioners and investors.
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