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Timetable: Internationalisation of China¡¯s Gold Market

 2002  The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) was launched.
 2007  China became the world's largest gold producer.
 2011  The Shanghai Gold Exchange became the largest physical gold exchange in the world.
 2013  China became the world's largest gold importer.
 2014  The Shanghai International Gold Exchange (SGEI), the Shanghai Gold Exchange's international board, was launched.
 May 8  China National Gold Group Corporation signed an agreement with Russian gold miner Polyus Gold to deepen ties in gold exploration.
 May 22  The new Silk Road Gold Fund, a 100 billion yuan fund which is expected to lead the new development of China's gold industry, was launched.
 May 26  Zijin Mining bought a 50% stake in Barrick Gold Corp¡¯s Porgera mine in Papua New Guinea for $298 million.
 June 16  Bank Of China became the first Chinese bank to participate in the LBMA Gold Price auction process.
 July 1  The SGE and the LBMA mutually recognized the specifications of 9999 kilobars.
 July 10  The Shanghai-Hong Kong Gold Connect between the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society was officially launched.

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