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event overview
China Gold & Precious Metals Summit, an annual precious metals gathering officially endorsed by the China Gold Association and the Shanghai Gold Exchange, has convened over 1800 senior executives from across the precious metals community including mining companies, refiners & fabricators, bullion dealers, mints, commodity & mercantile exchanges, investment & bullion banks, traders, brokerage firms, capital management firms, sovereign wealth funds, jewelers, advisors, service providers, trade associations as well as regulators in the past seven years.
The 2013 event will highlight the price actions and supply & demand fundamentals for gold, silver and platinum group metals, multiple headwinds weighing on gold as a combination of a muscular U.S. dollar, higher U.S. bond yields and continuing decline in ETF holdings, the shifting investor sentiment in response to the stock rally, a strengthening U.S. economy and the prospect of the Fed tapering, a slowdown in Indian demand on the heels of restrictions on gold imports, China's newly-launched night trading for gold and silver futures contracts, miners' response to the negative trend in metal prices, and low inflation readings in major economies of the world.
Chairman / President / Executive Director / MD / CEO / GM
Regional Head / Country Head / Chief Representative
Head of Precious Metals
Head of Metals/Precious Metals/Commodities Trading
Head of Precious Metals/Metals/Commodities/Mining Research
Head of Precious Metals/Commodity Derivatives
Head of Bullion & Treasury
Head of Metals Products
Dealing Director / Chief Dealer
Portfolio Manager, Commodities/Precious Metals
Head of Corporate Strategy
Head of Business Development
Head of Sales and Marketing
Panel Sponsor


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