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China Gold & Precious Metals Summit, an annual precious metals gathering officially endorsed by the China Gold Association and the Shanghai Gold Exchange, has convened over 2100 senior executives from across the precious metals community including mining companies, refiners & fabricators, bullion dealers, mints, commodity & mercantile exchanges, investment & bullion banks, traders, brokerage firms, money managers, asset managers, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, jewelers, consultancies, service providers, trade associations as well as lawmakers in the past eight years.
Now in its 9th year, the conference will highlight precious metal prices and the supply & demand fundamentals for gold, silver, platinum and palladium, multiple headwinds weighing on gold as a combination of a firmer U.S. dollar, a strengthening U.S. recovery and a less accommodative Fed going forward, overall weak sentiment toward gold and silver as a result of better returns in equities and higher U.S. real rates, subdued physical gold demand out of China and India, China's push for a global trading platform for gold in Shanghai, the move by senior producers toward lower costs and capital discipline, and the ECB's stance on further monetary easing to combat falling inflation.
Chairman / President / Executive Director / MD / CEO / GM
Regional Head / Country Head / Chief Representative
Head of FICC
Head of Precious Metals/ Metals/Commodities Trading
Head of Precious Metals/Metals/Commodities/Mining Research
Head of Trade Finance
Head of Precious Metals/Commodities
Head of Refining/Processing
Head of PM/Commodity Derivatives
Head of Metals Products
Head of Bullion & Treasury
Head of Numismatics
Dealing Director / Chief Dealer
Portfolio Manager, Commodities/Precious Metals
Head of Corporate Strategy
Head of Business Development
Head of Sales and Marketing
Exhibition Sponsor
Panel Sponsor
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