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The 7th Annual China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2012 will provide you with a comprehensive picture of price trends, supply & demand fundamentals, investor sentiment, safe-haven flows, a third round of quantitative easing, inflationary fears and investment infrastructure development in the context of a weaker economic outlook, Europe's escalating debt mess, global monetary accommodation and a potential U.S. ‘Fiscal Cliff’. Now in its 7th years, the premier event will be convening 200+ top professionals from across the precious metals community including miners, bankers, refiners, bullion dealers, brokers, fabricators, traders, fund managers, analysts, advisors, jewelers and policymakers, etc.
What Will You Take Away From The Event?
  • Finding out where gold, silver and PGMs prices are heading amid debt mess, risk-off trade, monetary stimulus and the risk of a severe global economic decline
  • Investigating China’s economic slowdown, monetary easing to combat faltering growth and their impact on the country’s demand for gold and other more industrial precious metals
  • Discerning stimulus measures to boost growth from both advanced and emerging-market economies and their influences on investor appetite for fiat currencies and precious metals
  • Examining the Fed's open-ended asset-buying program combined with Operation Twist, the spreading debt, financial and banking crisis in the euro zone and the unpredictable and variable implications for gold’s safe-haven appeal and flight-to-safety trades
  • Scrutinizing the extent and length of sluggish gold demand in India as a result of rupee’s weakness, trade deficit, the increase in import duties and a delayed and smaller-than-normal monsoon
  • Probing into the weakening economic and manufacturing activity out of U.S., Europe and emerging markets and the implications for industrial demand
  • Looking into the challenge as a combination of rising cash costs, regulatory hurdles, political uncertainty and price turbulences faced by mining companies
  • Assessing the launch of silver futures contracts in China and its effects on the silver market
  • Analyzing the combined influence of global growth concern, rising scrap supply, labor-related mine disruptions, and a “risk-off” mentality on the platinum and palladium markets
  • Gaining access to a target audience of producers, banks, refiners, bullion dealers, brokers, trading venues, traders, investors, money managers, consultants, jewelers and regulators, etc
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